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Jahan Cruise Review by Mr. Bruce

The Jahan must surely be one of the best boats currently cruising the Mekong. I had the second room from the front, left side, lower deck. My superior room was spacious with a king bed and a separate sitting area, had a large bathroom with a waterfall shower and a private balcony (as did all the rooms). There was almost no vibration or engine noise in my cabin, though you could hear and feel the engines in the public spaces toward the rear of the boat. We also traveled mainly during the day.
There were 50 passengers occupying the 26 cabins. Most were part of two groups. There were 18 Canadians (and their travel agent) and two Americans who are part of a larger group who travel together frequently. Then there were 22 Australians part of a tour group. The others—Australians and Brits except for me--were traveling independently. I was the only single traveler. It was a retirement cruise; only a few people were still working and the only passenger less than about 55 years old was the Canadian travel agent.
The crew was uniformly well trained and attentive. Those you came into contact with spoke excellent English. Everybody smiled and went out of their way to be helpful and make you feel special. Cuisine was more Western than Asian, and the Cambodian chef turned out meals consistently worthy of a fine restaurant.
They kept us busy. There were two excursions most days and a movie shown every evening. Every day we received detailed sheets listing the activities and timings of the day’s events. I’ve attached scanned copies of these sheets so you can get a sense of what was scheduled day by day.
Wi-Fi reached the public areas but not cabins, and two laptops were available. Spa services were priced about the same as at a good hotel in Vietnam or Cambodia. Laundry was quick and reasonably priced. Decent house wine was $5.50 a glass or $26.00 a bottle but drinks (spirits) were relatively expensive at around $9 to $10. A 10% tax was added to everything, and everybody was asked to contribute $5.00/person/day for a tip to be divided among the 39 crew members. In addition, some of us tipped crew members who had been especially helpful individually.
Some thoughts for a person considering booking on The Jahan:

  • Lower or upper deck: Cabins were identical, so I don’t think it matters much. I enjoyed being closer to the water. The only mention of noise and vibration as a problem I heard came from the couple in the lower-deck cabin at the back on the right side.
  • Right or left side: A matter of personal preference. If there is a brilliant sunset there are lots of public spaces from which to view it.
  • Dress is casual. Passengers mostly wore shorts, except at dinner, where “smart casual” was suggested. I took that to mean long pants (not jeans) and a shirt with a collar.
  • The Jahan’s (and its sister ship’s) private balconies are a real benefit. No one can disturb you and you never have to close your curtains unless you want to darken the room.

So I would highly recommend The Jahan. Several of us talked about suggestions for improvement and the only thing we could think of was to change the chairs on the private balcony, which are attractive but not comfortable either for sitting or for reclining. That we couldn’t think of anything else says a great deal about how pleased we were with the trip.
I’ve attached some pictures of the boat. I have many more pictures from the Mekong and the excursions and could send you some if you are interested.
Finally, I should like to thank you for your help in arranging this trip. You always responded promptly to my questions and all the information you gave me was timely and accurate. If I have the opportunity to recommend you and the Indochina Treks Travel Company, I certainly will do so.
Thanks again,
Photos by Mr. Bruce:

Sample Image Sample Images Jahan Cruise Lower Deck Jahan Bedroom Jahan Cruise Bathroom Jahan Cruise Bathroom Jahan Cruise Bathroom Jahan Cruise Bathroom Jahan Cruise Bathroom Jahan Cruise Bathroom Jahan Cruise Bathroom
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